3 New Zoom’s Teacher Features and What to Know About Them

Zoom Teachers Features
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Zoom has added 3 new features for its Education subscribers in response to teacher and administrative requirements.

New Zoom chat and meeting features include Virtual Background and Blur for Chromebooks, Anywhere Polls, and Breakout Room enhancements.

The new features, according to the company, are designed to motivate students to finish assignment projects and are included in the most recent version. In the second part of this year, some of the new features will be available.

Here are some of Zoom’s most recent features.

1. Chromebooks with a Virtual Background and Blur

This tool adds a faux background and blur to Chromebooks. The Zoom app can be used to access the function and change the settings. Simply follow these steps to change your Chrome OS wallpaper.

2. Enhancements to Breakout Rooms

Zoom Breakout-Rooms
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The most recent update also improved the Breakout Rooms. Meeting hosts can now share audio-only content as well as video-only content with participants in Breakout Rooms. Educators may now use the LTI Pro integration update to populate Breakout Rooms from the course roster. This can be used to assign Breakout Rooms ahead of time and then automatically assign students to different Rooms.

3. Anywhere Polls

Image Credit: Zoom

Polling items will be saved in a shared repository that can be accessed from any meeting on an account, rather than being bound to a specific meeting. This functionality will be available later this year. Apart from these, Zoom just announced a few additional features for Chat and Waiting Rooms.

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The ability to send audio and video messages in Zoom chats, as well as the ability to rename Waiting Room participants, are among these improvements. According to the company, asynchronous video allows users to consider their remarks before recording as needed to give intelligently prepared responses.

By choosing Video at the bottom of the chat window, users can record up to a 3-minute video message that will be broadcast immediately to the out-of-meeting chat channel. It’s useful when students have to submit short video assignments. Taking attendance while students are using shared devices, creating an anonymous student group, or authenticating gender identification can all be done by renaming attendees before they enter the meeting.

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