6 Digital Marketing Resources for Blockchain Businesses

Cryptocurrencies have grown in value and popularity, writes Andre Oentoro.
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The advancement of technology has accelerated year after year. One of these is cryptocurrency, a digital currency that has become popular around the world.

The value and popularity of cryptocurrencies have skyrocketed.

As a result, blockchain companies are sprouting up all over the place. It makes competition among blockchain companies even more difficult. They had little chance of survival unless they spread the word.

As a result, you’ll need the right marketing tool to help you deliver the message effectively. With the right blockchain marketing tool, you can reach a broader audience, raise brand awareness, generate leads, and boost conversion rates.

As a result, digital marketing tools will benefit your business and assist you in competing in today’s digital business world.

The following are six digital marketing tools for blockchain businesses:

1. Steemit

Steemit is a social media and blogging platform devoted to the blockchain industry. Steemit rewards those who post content and vote on the content of others. Blogs, infographics, and cryptocurrency videos are all examples of content you can publish.

Because this blockchain marketing tool is built on the Steem Blockchain, you can also benefit from earning profits and promoting your products or services. After publishing content and voting for others, you can earn Steam Power and Steem Dollars.

2. DTube

DTube is the largest blockchain-based decentralized video platform. It is a fantastic opportunity for blockchain companies to showcase their products or services via video content such as cryptocurrency videos, blockchain videos, and so on.

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Interestingly, you get the benefit of a blockchain system that keeps your data safe and only the DTube community can see your video content. So DTub? has all of the advantages of a blockchain.

It is a website that offers a sensor-free environment for viewing, browsing, and viewing videos. Furthermore, DTube rewards its users who create high-quality video content that receives a lot of views. The reward will be in cryptocurrency currency.

3. Bitcointalk

One of the most popular online forums is Bitcointalk. You are welcome to ask questions and discuss various topics related to blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies in these forums. Satoshi Nakamoto, the famous Bitcoin inventor, founded this forum.

Several sub-forums within Bitcointalk contain content such as product videos, tutorials, marketplaces for trading products or services, and other up-to-date blockchain information.

The goal of the bitcointalk forums is to foster a community of people interested in Bitcoin and blockchain technology. Not only that, but Bitcointalk has sections for mining, technical support, ICOs, and other topics.

4. Coindesk

Coindesk is a website that provides the most recent blockchain industry news. It is an excellent tool for any blockchain company to use to inform potential customers about their products or services.

As a result, Coindesk has become a favorite tool among blockchain marketers. Furthermore, this tool can be a great strategy for increasing trust and engagement with your customers and potential business partners.

5. Presearch

Presearch is a blockchain-based search engine that relies on the community for its survival. Presearch does not save or search any user information or searches. Unlike other search engines, Presearch allows you to control your data and decide whether or not to share it.

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Presearch can be installed on chromium-based browsers so that you can easily access it. This tool is simple to install on your desktop; the guide will appear as soon as you open the Presearch or register.

6. Steepshot

Steepshot is a Steem blockchain-based digital marketing tool. You can easily share images of the products of your blockchain companies. It will not only give you views, but it will also pay you based on the number of people who like, view, and comment on your photos.

This tool is similar to Instagram in that you take pictures on a daily basis, post them, and then wait for people to comment or like your posts.


Blockchain technology is expected to be the most powerful in the future. It is best to find the right marketing strategy to prepare your company for this revolution.

Digital marketing tools are a powerful tool for any business, particularly blockchain firms. As a result, you can begin to incorporate one of the six digital marketing strategies mentioned above into your blockchain marketing strategy to help you compete and grow your business.

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