Are you using Educational Content in your marketing?

In 2020, Educational Content Marketing should be one of your key strategies.

It is no longer news that Content Marketing is the easiest way to grow your brand.

As a brand, you must find a way to infuse content marketing in your marketing strategy by creating content that will keep your brand in the hearts of your customers.

There are different types of content and one of them is Educational Content Marketing.

This is a type of content that enables you as a brand to educate your customers on how to use the features of your product or services.

It is sad to know that many brands are neglecting this aspect of marketing.

I once visited a shop to purchase a memory card with my cousin.

We wanted to purchase a 32gb card, even though I know that every digital disk always has a reserved space, so if for example, you buy 500gb hard drive, you will have been having around 465gb with the rest reserved for the drive to function properly.

But as a tech expert, I decided to test the girl by asking her if this 32gb card is actually 32gb in size.
she said yes that it’s full. So we tested it and as expected, it wasn’t up to.

I ask her why she couldn’t explain why and it was obvious she was not trained to educate customers on the features of the products.

This is not particular to store owners.

You go to some hotels, the room attendants cannot simply educate you on how to use certain amenities in the room.

You rent an apartment, some real estate agents can’t tell you what certain things do in the apartment even when you ask them.

A mechanic will be doing some adjustments on your car, you ask him why he is altering something, he can’t explain.

At worst, he will say it’s not doing anything. (So the manufacturer that put it is a fool)

As a business owner, as you are drawing up your content marketing plan, ensure that education marketing is number one on your plan.

Create educational content for your marketing.

content marketing
Doing this will enable you to educate your customers on how to use certain aspects of your product or service.

This type of content is mainly How-To type of content and can be in the form of;

Video – You can create one using your phone or some easy to use apps like Lumen5, Headliner, Quik or advance tools like Animation software, screencast software like Camtasia, Screencomatic, etc.

Audio – Using free tools like Audacity or even your mobile phone audio recorder.

Short Reports – You can write out step by step guide, convert it to a pdf file and send to your customers.

Infographics – You can use Canva to do this.

Take these steps and educate your customers and watch your brand grow.

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