Digital Expansion Pro Package


Revolutionize Your Business with our Digital Expansion Pro Package

Ready to break free from limitations and catapult your business into the digital realm?

Our “Digital Expansion Pro Package” is the key to unlocking unlimited online growth for your business, ensuring sustainability and success on autopilot.

Maximize Your Online Presence with an Abundance of Benefits:

🌐 Comprehensive Online Business System: Own a full-fledged online business system with multiple pages, meticulously designed to meet the unique needs of your expanding enterprise.

🎨 Custom Design: Enjoy a bespoke and visually stunning website design, tailored to showcase the essence of your brand.

🚀 High-Converting Landing Page: Capture leads and boost your offerings with a strategically designed landing page for irresistible offers and lead generation.

📝 Authority-Building Blog: Establish yourself as a thought leader with a dedicated blog, driving traffic and solidifying your authority in your industry. 

🛍️ Online Store Integration: Sell your products or services with an online payment integration that works even while you sleep.

🎙️ Podcast Integration: If you run a podcast, we will help integrate it into your website  so you can connect with your audience through the power of audio.

📺 YouTube Integration: Your videos can viewed on your website so you can keep your audience longer on your website. We will help you embed your Youtube channel seamlessly on your website.

🖼️ Gallery Images: Upload upto 20 plus captivating gallery images, provided by you for a personalized touch. it can be your portfolio images etc.

💬 Whatsapp Chat Integration: Foster real-time interaction with your audience through WhatsApp Chat Support Integration.

📑 Lead Forms and Contacts: Implement strategically designed lead generation forms and contact features to capture potential leads

📅 Booking System: Streamline appointments and bookings with an efficient and user-friendly booking system.

📱 Responsive Design: Your website will load  and display flawlessly on every device, ensuring a seamless user experience.

🔄 Support and Maintenance: Enjoy 6 months of free support and maintenance, including backup services to keep your digital presence in top shape.

📊 Activity Tracking System: Gain insights into your website visitors’ activities with a detialed tracking and analytics system.

🚀 SEO Optimization: Basic SEO setup for all pages, coupled with submission to Google Search Console and Site Map for enhanced online visibility. if you own a physical store/office, we will help you setup Google My Business profile for local search and visibility so people can find you on the map.

📈 Lead Generation and Email Marketing System: Expert integration advice and setup for a robust lead generation and email marketing system to help you generate and nuture leads.

📆 Monthly Performance Reports: Stay informed with monthly website reports for three months, tracking your digital success.

In addition to a comprehensive website design, we’ll implement a robust advertising and promotion strategy to ensure your brand stands out in the digital landscape.

   – Social Media Marketing Plan: Develop a customized social media marketing plan to build brand awareness and drive engagement.

   – Facebook Ads: We will setup and run a Facebook ad for your website to reach a wider audeince.

  Grow and Expand your business reach today.

Let’s be your partner in success.



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