Sales Funnel and Landing Page Setup


To grow and scale your business online and save time for other things you want to do. You will need to set up an automated system that can help you attract leads, nurture them, and sell to them with ease even while you sleep.

Our Sales Funnel package will help you set up automation in your business to make everything seamless.  

What we will do for you:

Initial Consultation and Detailed Strategy Session:

Discuss your business goals and target audience to tailor the sales funnel. Dive deep into your business model and customer journey for a comprehensive strategy. Conduct a thorough analysis to tailor the sales funnel to your business specifics.

Landing Page Design:

 Create a suite of custom landing pages for diverse marketing campaigns.

Optimized Opt-in Form Integration:

Implement an effective opt-in form to capture valuable leads and for precise lead segmentation..

Full Sales Funnel Development:

 Build an end-to-end sales funnel with multiple touchpoints and conversion opportunities.

Engaging Thank You and Confirmation Pages:

Craft compelling Thank You and Confirmation pages to enhance user engagement.

Email Automation Sequences (Up to 5):

Set up an automated email sequence for targeted and personalized communication.


Please note that this service we have a discussion to understand your goals and offers so we can craft a unique solution for you.

The investment for this service is from N100,000 upwards depending on the complexity of offer and solutions to deliver.

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