WordPress Quick Fix Solution


Are you experiencing any issues with your WordPress where there is a database issue, plugin or theme issue, or your website not loading properly?

We can help you resolve the issue and bring your website back to life quickly.

This package involves fixing one major issue on your website. If you have multiple issues that require fixes, we will need to discuss that and have a solution that will be benefitial to us both.

What we will handle in this package includes:

One-Time Issue Resolution:

   – In-depth analysis to identify and resolve one specific WordPress issue affecting your website.

Basic Troubleshooting:

   – Identify and address common issues such as plugin conflicts, coding, database, or server configurations or theme-related problems.

Security Check:

   – Perform a basic security check to ensure your WordPress site is protected and implement measures to fortify your WordPress website against potential threats.

Performance Optimization:

   – Implement quick fixes  and optimizations to enhance the overall performance of your website.

Basic SEO Health Check:

   – Conduct a brief SEO health check to ensure your site is search engine friendly and SEO analysis with detailed recommendations for improvement.

Performance Fine-Tuning:

   – In-depth optimizations for improved website speed and user experience.

Backup and Recovery Setup:

   – Set up a reliable backup and recovery system to safeguard your website data if you do not have any.


You will provide us with your WordPress login details and cpanel details where necessary to enable us carry out this service on your WordPress website.


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